Thermal Comfort & Indoor Air Quality With Reduced Environmental Impact

Nowadays key issues to be addressed for human wellbeing and comfort are:

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Greenhouse Gases Reduction
  • Energy Consumption Reduction and Efficiency Increase

At Garelli NewEnergyTech - our established and respected engineering firm - through advanced design methods and tools, to simulate and model all HVAC and Fire Protection systems,in addition to more than 35 years of experience in this sector we can offer a wide range of HVAC and Fire Protection services to companies and end users in all sectors (Residential, Schools, Health, Factories etc.)

At Garelli NewEnergyTech we put in fact as key objectives:

  • Renewable Energies Utilisation to reduce energy consumptions and environmental impact
  • Implementation of latest and most sophisticated solutions and technologies to guarantee reliability and indoor comfort

Our objectives are achieved also by keeping pace with Italian and European Energy Efficiency Standards evolution, such as Italian Standard UNI-TS 11300 for energy consumption modelling or European Directive  2002/91/EC CA – EPBD on Near Zero Energy Building.

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